Dr. Alhefzi

Dr. M. Alhefzi

Founder and CEO @ Free[x]Style

I AM AN Entrepreneur

INTERESTS Public Health & eHealth

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Hugely passionate towards Technology and Public Health along combined with Informatics to their ultimate application in healthcare systems.


since 2005

Founder & CEO

Free[x]Style | Unlimited Access

Founded and commercially registered technology start-up; lead a team of Saudi youth since 2005 providing solutions in internet, web and multimedia to many highly respected corporates and governmental sectors in the Kingdom.


Abha Team Leader, Shabab Tamouh

Zain KSA – Corporate Social Responsibility.

Youth Program under Zain KSA (CSR) which contains several teams nationally, Abha team was considered as one of the most active, innovative and productive teams in the program.


Local Officer on Medical Education, KKU

International Federation of Medical Students’ Assocn’

Held the medical Education section at King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia.



PhD equivalent in Preventive Medicine & Public Health

Saudi Specialty Certificate in Community Medicine, Jeddah

Pursuing a residency training program in Preventive Medicine / Public Health / Community Medicine as a resident trainee at King Faisal Medical City for Southern Regions.


MSc, Health Informatics

Swansea University Medical School, United Kingdom

An extensive degree as a specialization track in Public Health and Community Medicine Saudi Board Certificate.


Medicine Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery

King Khalid University, Abha

Received my MBBS degree from King Khalid University, Colloege of Medicine, Abha, Saudi Arabia.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Michigan State University, MI, USA

Has successfully earned this course from Michigan State University Entrepreneurship Network (MSU eNet).


MS Windows / MS Office

Mac OS X

Web Designing / Developing

Computer Typing (60 WPM)





Saleh A. Hasanain

Saleh Hasanain Social Comm. Manager / Zain KSA

Mohammed is one of the most creative members in Shabab Tamouh program at Zain KSA, during Mohammed’s leadership he showed strong leadership skills, creative and innovative ideas, Mohammed managed and executed all projects with Quality. I highly recommend Mohammed to be working with any organization in the field of Health, Technology and Communication he is a multitask person.

Dr. Abdullah Laftal

Dr. Abdullah Laftal Radiology Resident / KFMCity

The best in Mohammed is that he knows exactly what the costumer needs and work beyond the costumer expectations, never in my ongoing contracting with his company needed to reevaluate his work. I expect great future for him and Free[x]Style.


Web Developing

With over a decade of experience in the field of web designing and developing; the need for mobile versions is emerging, our attention has already been drawn to that as we now build both versions of your needs.


Having variety of options in MultiMedia, both static and animated, plus audio/music composing, ending up with your needs of masterpiece audiovisual projects.

Social Media

Starting by building your product with the social media channel, analysis and interpretation is what counts to you and it surely is the backbone of your social media involvement plans.


Have earned the honor to establish many partnerships with many governmental, non-governmental and private sectors.

Hajj Medical Research

Hajj Medical Research

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Coffee Addict (Acoustic)

Coffee Addict (Acoustic)

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World’s Teacher Day | 2011

World’s Teacher Day | 2011

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Orphans’ Fun Day | Zain KSA | CSR

Orphans’ Fun Day | Zain KSA | CSR

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Saudi National Day | Zain KSA


Saudi National Day | Zain KSA

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Dr. M. Alhefzi




Dr. M. Alhefzi

Community Medicine Resident @ SCFHS.

Dr. M. Alhefzi

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